Backgrounds & Heart Backgrounds


hurting myself in order to satisfy people in the situation
i put that blame on me
just want to make you smile
because i dont want you sad
because i dont want you mad
eventhough it is not my fault...
i know..maybe i worried too much
but i hate see u in pain
my heart hurt........
cant bear to see it,to hear it..
just to make you smile..
i hurt myself silently.........
i dont mind........
because i love you........
i dont want to loose you...


  1. wondering why most of ur entries always carried sadness n unhappiness..for the God sake, no one is deserved to seize ur smile n left u with deeply suffered inside..please do wake up, stop victimize urself as being a sacrifice to what u called L.O.V.E..


  2. sape awk ni?
    act like you know evrything bout me...

  3. akulah airmata mu..hnya hadir apabila mu brsedih dn kcewa..hilang apabila mu gmbira dn bhgia..itulah aku..