Backgrounds & Heart Backgrounds

tO mE.My sElf

you maybe wont be his FirSt, his Last, Or his OnLy
He'S LOvEd bEfoRe, hE WiLL LoVe aGain
But If
he LOVES YOU NOW, what Else MattErS?
hE'S NOT perfect, and neither are YOU
and the two of you WILL NEVER be perfect
But if he makes you laugh, at least OnCe
cAUseS you tO Think tWice, and admits tO being HumAN,
Hold On tO hIm,
                                   and give hiM ALL yOu'vE gOt
hE is Not GoinG tO QuOtE PoETrY,
hE is NoT gOinG to bE thInkINg abOut You EVERY moMenT,
                                           hE wILL gIvE yOu A ParT Of hIm,
tHaT He Knows You cAn BreaK
                              DONThuRt Him, DONT cHaNgE Him, DONT expEcT ToO Much FrOm HiM,
                                                     SMILE=) whEn He MakEs yOu HaPPy
                      CRY =( wHeN hE maKeS yOu sAd aNd
              MISS hiM wHen He's nOt tHerE.....


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